Chocolate Textures by Mauro Colagreco

Chocolate textures. Photo: courtesy of Mauro Colagreco

Chocolate textures. Photo: courtesy of Mauro Colagreco

Sacher Biscuit

500g 70% dark chocolate couverture

420g Butter

30g Cocoa powder

3 Eggs

3 units or 60g Egg yolks

120g + 100g Sugar

90g Egg whites


Creamy dark chocolate

500g Milk

500g Cream

200 gr Egg yolks

100g Caster sugar

450 gr 70% chocolate couverture


Cocoa cream

560g Water

720g Sugar

580g Cream

24 g Cocoa powder

32g Gelatine


Cocoa’s sorbet

1l Milk

200g Cocoa

200g 70% Chocolate


Cocoa Crystalline

600g Fondant

400g Glucose

70g Nugasec

Q / N Cocoa


Tonka bean foam

500g Cream

100g White chocolate

1 unit Tonka bean


Cocoa crumble

200g Butter

160g Sugar

3 Egg yolks

4g Salt

3g Baking power

225g Flour

25g Cocoa


To finish

Grated Tonka bean


Leafs of salad burnet

Grated crumble



Sacher Biscuit

Melt the chocolate in “bain marie”.

Work the butter until it gets creamy.

Add the cocoa powder with a sieve. Mix it with the couverture.

Mix the eggs and the 120g of sugar untill you get a creamy color. Incorporate it into the previous mixture with a maryse spatula.

Make a meringue with the egg whites and the 100g of sugar. Gently add to the rest of the mixture.

Cook it in a small flat plate 32 x 26,5. Place on a buttered sulphureted paper. Take it to the oven at 170°C for 50-60 min.


Creamy dark chocolate

In a saucepan, boil the milk and the cream.

In a bowl, mix the eggs and the sugar. Add the milk / cream mixture.

Let it cook gently and stir continuously with a spatula (84°C).

Strain it on the cover and blend it with a “bamix.”

Keep it in a plate. Cling film it. Refrigerate.


Cocoa cream

Bring to a boil the water, the sugar and the cream.

Add the sieved cocoa. Whisk constantly for 3 minutes after boiling.

Sieve it. Add the gelatin – previously hydrated.

Let it cool. Keep it.

Warm the desired amount, depending on use.


Cocoa sorbet

Bring to a boil the milk and the sugar. Add the cocoa, let it boil.

Place the chocolate on a slope.

Keep it.


Crystallised cocoa

In a saucepan, place the glucose and let it melt together.

Bring it up to 130 ° C. Remove from heat and add the nugasec.

Stretch out on a Silpat. Let it cool down.

When cooled, cut up and mash it into a fine powder in the Thermomix. Add the necessary cocoa.

On a Silpat, with the help of a round mold of 7.5 cm of diameter, sprinkle the sugar mixture to cover the round surface.

Take it into a dry oven at 170°C for 3 minutes. Remove from oven. Keep the crystals in a dry place.


Tonka bean’s foam

Grate the tonka bean cream.

Bring it to heat and leave to infuse.

Heat again and pass it through a strain.

Pour the mixture over the chocolate. Let it rest. Mix.

Load a siphon of 1L with 2 gas loads.


Cocoa crumble

Mix all ingredients.

Proceed as to shortbread.

With your fingertips, make small balls.

Bake at 190°C for 6 min, until it gets golden.



On flat plate, put on the left side a Sacher biscuit.

On the same side, place 5 non-straight and not identical points of cocoa creamy and dark chocolate cream.

On the biscuit, put the tonka bean’s foam. On the foam, place a quenelle of cocoa’s sorbet.

To finish, place three pieces of the crystallised cocoa over the chocolate overlay. Place 3 leafs of salad burnet.


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