Mount Inaya by Andres Lara, Cacao Barry Regional Chef Asia Pacific

Photo: Courtesy of Cacao Barry

Photo: Courtesy of Cacao Barry



Recipe for 12 portions


– 180 g of blackcurrant purée – 105 g of glucose syrup – 20 g of starch sugar – 196 g of lnayaTM Dark Chocolate Couverture 65% – 35 g of butter oil – 5.5 g of gelatine (200 bloom)

Heat the blackcurrant purée, glucose syrup and starch sugar to 70°C. Mix the lnayaTM chocolate couverture 65% and the butter at 40°C. Make an emulsion with the chocolate couverture then the melted gelatine. Keep the ganache at 40°C for the mousse.

– 300 g of lnayaTM 65% ganache – 190 g of lightly whipped cream – 5 g of powdered gelatine

At 40°C, mix the lightly whipped cream and the gelatine into the lnayaTM 65% ganache. Freeze in silicone moulds.


– 225 g of butter – 225 g of brown sugar – 225 g of flour T-55 – 173 g of crushed hazelnuts

Mix the cold butter with the dry ingredients.
Add in the hazelnuts and leave to rest.
Cook at 150°C until the desired colour is obtained. Leave to cool.


– 125 g of lnayaTM Dark Chocolate Couverture 65% – 1.9 g of Maldon salt – Crumble base (see above)

Mix the crumble with the salt. Pour in the InayaTM chocolate couverture 65% and stir to obtain a loose mixture. Pour into circles with a diameter of 6.5 cm.


– 125 g of water – 300 g of sucrose – 300 g of glucose – 200 g of condensed milk – 20 g of powdered gelatine 200 bloom – 300 g of lnayaTM Dark Chocolate Couverture 65%

Bring the water, sucrose and glucose to the boil at 103°C. Add 200 g of condensed milk, the gelatine and mix with the lnayaTM chocolate couverture 65%. Sieve

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Cover the lnayaTM light cream 65% with the icing at around 35°C. Place in a dome mould and place it on the crumble base that has hardened beforehand. Leave to rest for 5 minutes.


Decorate with a caramelised hazelnut and a chocolate shaving. Add a gold leaf and create a border around the dome with milk chocolate CrispearlsTM.