Salon du Chocolat Paris hosts 2015 World Chocolate Masters final

Chocolate to Go concept by Tor Stubbe. Photo: courtesy of WCM.

Chocolate to Go concept by Tor Stubbe, one of the competitors. Photo: courtesy of WCM.

From 28 till 30 October 2015, twenty of the most talented chocolatiers and pastry chefs in the world will compete for the title of 2015 World Chocolate Master. For the first time, they will perform at the consumer fair Salon du Chocolat in Paris. As the world’s leading competition solely dedicated to the art of chocolate, the World Chocolate Masters have a reputation as innovation catalyst in a sector that is on the lookout for increasingly diverse and tailored chocolate delights. The creations presented during the competition assignments generally define the chocolate trends of tomorrow.

As an initiative of premium gourmet chocolate brand Cacao Barry, the final of the 2015 World Chocolate Masters competition will be hosted by the Salon du Chocolat in Paris. Attending the chocolate competition live was formerly reserved for professionals in the food and chocolate industry exclusively. But as of this year the competition will be held at the Salon du Chocolat consumer fair, enabling everyone with a love for chocolate to attend the World Chocolate Masters final live, for the first time ever.

Chocolate lovers that won’t be able to make it to Paris, will be given the opportunity to watch the entire competition live from their PC, tablet or smartphone. The three-day live stream of the final will be broadcasted 24/7 at and on the Salon du Chocolat website.

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UK & Ireland will be represented by the super talented Alistair Birt


This year’s competition theme is ‘Inspiration from Nature’. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation and encourages finalists to show the world their view on what the future role of chocolate should be. The finalists will have to create a chocolate showpiece, a moulded praline, a sweet on-the-go snack and a concept called ‘My Or Noir Story’. For the latter the candidates get to develop their own signature chocolate in Cacao Barry’s Or Noir laboratory. It is each contestant’s most personal quest for the ultimate chocolate taste. By experimenting with cocoa bean varieties, flavour notes and cocoa body, they get to design their own chocolate, unique like a fingerprint, and bearing a highly personalised taste profile.

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The winner of the World Chocolate Masters will receive an impressive prize package, including a trip to Tanzania offered by Cacao Barry to visit some of the world’s most stunning plantations. On top of that, it will also include various rewards offered by sponsors Capfruit, Selmi, Chocolate World, Prefamac, Villeroy, Salva, Kitchen Aid and Duval Leroy. The winning chef will also get the unique opportunity to launch his or her winning competition pastries and confectioneries at the Harrods department store in London.


Lovely moulded pralines from the Scandinavian preselections. Photo: courtesy of WCM

Lovely moulded pralines from the Scandinavian WCM preselections. Photo: courtesy of WCM