WCM announces 10 finalists for chocolate world title 2015

Japanese finalist Hisashi Onobayashi. Photo: WCM

Japanese finalist Hisashi Onobayashi. Photo: WCM

29th October 2015 This evening, the jury of the 2015 World Chocolate Masters competition in Paris has announced the 10 finalists who will compete tomorrow in the World Chocolate Masters’ Super final. The 10 remaining chefs will have to prepare a compelling “pâtisserie of the day” and put together an artistic creation on the theme “Where nature goes” in order to get a chance to become the World Chocolate Master for the next two years. During the ceremony the special ‘My Or Noir™ Story’-prize was also handed out by the separate jury. Andrey Kanakin from Russia took home the coveted trophy.

It has been an exciting couple of days at the Salon du Chocolate in Paris, where chefs from 20 countries tried to win their ticket for the Super Final. During these two days of competition, the emotion was as high as the stakes. To stand out and get to the next stage, each chef coming from 20 different countries, had to create a 2 meter-high chocolate showpiece, a moulded praline, a “Sweet Snack on the Go” and an unique ‘Or Noir” chocolate.

Netherlands' finalist Ramon Huigsloot. Photo: WCM

Netherlands’ finalist Ramon Huigsloot. Photo: WCM

10 finalists

The public and the jury discovered new flavors and innovative designs. This year’s World Chocolate Masters was the best edition yet, and the jury had a very hard time deciding which chefs from which country would access the Super Final of tomorrow for a chance to become the grand winner of this year’s edition. Here is a the list of the 10 last finalists:

  • Japan: Hisashi Onobayashi
  • Switzerland: Geraldine Müller-Maras
  • Belgium: Marijn Coertjens
  • Netherlands: Ramon Huigsloot
  • USA: Dan Forgey
  • France: Vincent Vallée
  • Denmark: Tor Stubbe
  • Italy: Massimo Carnio
  • China: Roger Fok
  • Taiwan: Chia Fen Tsai
French finalist Vincent Vallée. Photo: WCM

French finalist Vincent Vallée. Photo: WCM

Winner ‘My Or Noir Story’

During the ceremony the coveted ‘My Or Noir’-trophy, handed out by a separate jury of specialists, was presented to Andrey Kanakin from Russia. He takes home 500 kg of the signature chocolate he made.

A series of other prizes will be given out to the participants tomorrow, including a Social Media Award celebrating the chocolate showpiece that will gather the biggest support from the public.

You can vote for your favorite showpiece at: www.worldchocolatemasters.com

“My Or Noir winner” Andrey Kanakin. Photo: WCM