White Royal by Martin Diez and Philippe Bertrand

Cacao Barry Ingredients

Photo: courtesy of Cacao Barry

Photo: courtesy of Cacao Barry

Almond success biscuit

Whip 300 g egg white

and combine with

150 g sugar
50 g brown sugar
6 g egg white powder
250 g almond powder
250 g confectioner’s sugar
50 g potato flour
Bake in a 60 x 40 cm square at 210°C for 10 to 12 minutes.

Cara Crakine™ Crunch

Melt 2500 g Cara Crakine™ at 30°C.

Use the Cara Crakine™ Crunch mixture to cover the Almond Success Biscuit.


Zéphyr™ white chocolate mousse

590 g whole milk
180 g egg yolks
110 g fine sugar
Make a custard
Cook at 85°C
Pass through a conical strainer and pour onto
At 30°C, add
1600 g whipped cream 35%
Top the Cara Crakine™ Crunch mixture with the Zéphyr™ White Chocolate Mousse.


With a Saint Honoré 8mm diameter piping bag, pipe a line around the edge of the cake using Zéphyr™ White Chocolate Cream.