London Chocolovers is moving to Cacao Collective

Tanzanian Cacao plantation. Photo: courtesy of Cacao Barry

Tanzanian Cacao plantation where all begins. Photo: courtesy of Cacao Barry

London Chocolovers was created a year and half ago by Cacao Barry to inspire, inform and present the wonderful world of chocolate. We have been working passionately to present to you the best talents from the chocolate scene, and to share with you the latest news.

The project has evolved and is becoming part of something bigger: Cacao Collective. Through this platform Cacao Barry wishes to share his expertise of unlocking the sensorial richness of cocoa and to stimulate the creativity of the chefs.

Plantation - Tanzania - man opening a cocoa pod (1)

Cocoa pod will be transformed into a delicious chocolate. Photo: courtesy of Cacao Barry

As a consequence, the London Chocolovers page will not be updated anymore; all the contents have been transferred to the Cacao Collective blog which will be updated every week with new interesting contents.

Thank you for following the London Chocolovers Blog. Now we are warmly inviting you to join us to follow the Cacao Collective Blog and start exploring!

"My Or Noir winner" of World Chocolate Masters, Andrey Kanakin. Photo: WCM

Cacao Barry is inspiring best chefs and pastry chefs in the world to create indulgent masterpieces. Photo: WCM