Ten minutes with Arnaud Bignon, chef at The Greenhouse

Arnaud Bignon, who is living and working in London since two years, has made his name in Greece, at the two Michelin starred restaurant Spondi, which ranked 69th at the World’s 50 best… Continue reading

Purity from Nature – the story of flavours through fermentation

The world is changing fast and taste is evolving along with it. Consumers demand authentic, intense flavours – true to nature or better: closer to nature than ever before. That is why chefs… Continue reading

Enjoy chocolate! It is good for your health!

Are you a chocolover? We have a good news for you! A recent study found that those consuming the highest levels of chocolate had a 37% reduction in cardiovascular disease and a 29% reduction in stroke… Continue reading

Sofia, the chocolover

Name: Sofia Surname: Gouveia Profession: Co-owner and Marketing Director at qR Architects Ltd Astrological sign: Aquarius The mission: To empower, motivate and inspire people to live happier and more fulfilled lives.   How would… Continue reading

The chocolate weekly 44 – 2014

More than any other food, chocolate delights and enchants … chocolate tantalizes and it comforts. Chocolate has soothed fretful children and welcomed tired travelers; mountain climbers have saved their last piece of chocolate… Continue reading

Pain au chocolat and butter pudding with berries jelly – By David Girard

CACAO BARRY INGREDIENTS Dark chocolate couverture Plantation Alto El Sol Dark chocolate couverture Fleur de Cao TM REALISATION For about 15 servings BERRIES JELLY Mix 1kg of frozen berries with 200g brown sugar… Continue reading

Ten minutes with William Curley, the chocolatier and patissier

  I remember the first time I tasted his creations. I was not yet living in London when a friend gave me a lovely gift: a box of William Curley chocolates. I still remember… Continue reading

The Chocolate Perfection

What do you know about chocolate and what does chocolate mean to you? Michel Roux Jr. has traveled the world to discover the history and stories of chocolate in all possible forms. He… Continue reading

Philippe Bertrand about chocolate crystallization

Do you want to deeply understand the process of crystallization of chocolate? Then watch this useful video with Philippe Bertrand, pastry chef chocolatier, MOF. .   For more please visit the Chocolate Academy.

Karen, the chocolover

Name: Karen Surname: Elizabeth Profession: Founder of Curated Love Astrological sign: Sagittarius Your mission: To inspire and motivate people to create more happy and loving relationships How would you introduce yourself? Hi my name… Continue reading

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