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The Chocolate Weekly 35 – 2015

What does chocolate mean to you? We have asked this also some of the most exciting international chefs. Here are their answers (part 1): Sven Elverfeld (Aqua), Germany: For me chocolate is very sensual… Continue reading

Andrés Lara, Cacao Barry Regional Chef Asia Pacific

An extreme sensitivity and openness, a beautiful mind, creativity and hard work characterise Andres Lara, the talented chef who is now the Cacao Barry regional Chef Asia Pacific. He gained many important experiences… Continue reading

Wasabi, Zephyr, green apple by Andrés Lara (Cacao Barry Regional Chef Asia Pacific)

Whipped Zephyr Ganache 500 g cream – 50 g Tramline – 50 g glucose syrup – 340 g Cacao Barry Zephyr couverture – 750 g cream –  1 vanilla bean Warm the cream, trimoline,… Continue reading

Bing Qi – Lin Bao (by Andres Lara, Cacao Barry Regional Chef Asia Pacific)

Cacao Barry Ingredient Cacao Barry AlungaTM chocolate couverture 41% METHOD Recipe for 15-20 portions Cherry Ice Cream Swirl – 386 g of milk – 58 g of powdered milk – 70 g of inverted sugar –… Continue reading

Mount Inaya by Andres Lara, Cacao Barry Regional Chef Asia Pacific

CACAO BARRY INGREDIENT InayaTM Dark Chocolate Couverture 65% METHOD Recipe for 12 portions INAYA GANACHE – 180 g of blackcurrant purée – 105 g of glucose syrup – 20 g of starch sugar – 196 g… Continue reading

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