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Inaya™ Chocolate Moelleux by Philippe Bertrand Director of Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy™ France, MOF Chocolatier-Confiseur

Recipe for 12 fondants Inaya™ chocolate fondants   Mix with a whisk 375 g egg(s) 275 g sugar   Melt in the microwave 225 g Cacao Barry Inaya™ chocolate 212 g butter   Add the egg and… Continue reading

Lunar eclipse by Christophe Morel, Maître Chocolatier – Cacao Barry Ambassador Canada (Montréal)

Recipe for 45 bonbons Chocolate bonbons Heat: 185 g 35% cream 5 g dextrose 25 g sorbitol powder 15 g glucose syrup DE 60 40 g low water content butter 1 zest lemon… Continue reading

By The Wind by Pasquale Marigliano (Pasticceria Marigliano Pasquale, Cacao Barry Italy Ambassador)

CACAO BARRY INGREDIENTS Hazelnut Piemont Lenotre 50% Cacao Barry Alunga chocolate couverture 41% Cacao Barry Blanc Satin chocolate 29.2% Cacao Barry lnaya chocolate couverture 65% METHOD Recipe for 24 desserts Crumble – 50… Continue reading

Atsushi Tanaka, head chef at Restaurant A.T. (Paris, France)

Atsushi Tanaka is Japanese, but his cuisine could hardly be called Japanese. His restaurant is located in the heart of Paris, but it is not very French, even if one of Atsushi’s most… Continue reading

Mount Inaya by Andres Lara, Cacao Barry Regional Chef Asia Pacific

CACAO BARRY INGREDIENT InayaTM Dark Chocolate Couverture 65% METHOD Recipe for 12 portions INAYA GANACHE – 180 g of blackcurrant purée – 105 g of glucose syrup – 20 g of starch sugar – 196 g… Continue reading


  Cacao Barry Ocoa® 70% mousse Whip  120 g egg yolks and 100 g eggs. Cook to 121’C  145 g S2 and 35 g H2O. Pour over the egg mixture and whisk. Whisk 500 g semi whipped… Continue reading

Inspired by nature

Cacao as the pure product of nature has always inspired great chefs to create delicious desserts. Have a look at this lovely movie and listen to the Cacao Barry expert Gino Vrancken, to the vision… Continue reading

Walk in the woods – by Philippe Bertrand & Martin Diez

  CACAO BARRY INGREDIENTS Dark chocolate couverture Inaya™ 65% Pure pâte de pécan origine Texas Cocoa powder Plein Arôme   SERVINGS 4 bottles of 500 ml Brown caramel Make a brown caramel with… Continue reading

Purity from Nature – the story of flavours through fermentation

The world is changing fast and taste is evolving along with it. Consumers demand authentic, intense flavours – true to nature or better: closer to nature than ever before. That is why chefs… Continue reading

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