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Ramon Morató’s exclusive recipe for Cacao Collective at the Langham

Are you interested to meet one of the greatest and most respected names in the world of chocolate, taste a new origin of chocolate and discover an exclusive recipe which we simply can’t reveal to you yet? Then… Continue reading

Inaya™ Chocolate Moelleux by Philippe Bertrand Director of Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy™ France, MOF Chocolatier-Confiseur

Recipe for 12 fondants Inaya™ chocolate fondants   Mix with a whisk 375 g egg(s) 275 g sugar   Melt in the microwave 225 g Cacao Barry Inaya™ chocolate 212 g butter   Add the egg and… Continue reading

White Royal by Martin Diez and Philippe Bertrand

Cacao Barry Ingredients Dark & white chocolate Zéphyr™ Fillings & inclusion Cara Crakine™ Cocoa butter Mycryo Cocoa Butter® Almond success biscuit Whip 300 g egg white and combine with 150 g sugar 50 g brown sugar… Continue reading

The White Chinese Tea and Chocolate Tartlet

Recipe for approximately 15 small 1-person tartlets   SWEET DOUGH Mix together: 250 g Flour 125 g Fresh butter 30 g Ground almonds 25 g Caster sugar 50 g Icing sugar 4 g Salt… Continue reading


For 20 snacking bars of 25 g   ZEPHYR™ – BLANC FEUILLETINE™ CRUNCH Warm 200 g of Cacao Barry Blanc Feuilletine™ crunch at 30°C. Add 20 g of Cacao Barry Zéphyr™ White Chocolate melted at 45°C. Use… Continue reading

Lunar eclipse by Christophe Morel, Maître Chocolatier – Cacao Barry Ambassador Canada (Montréal)

Recipe for 45 bonbons Chocolate bonbons Heat: 185 g 35% cream 5 g dextrose 25 g sorbitol powder 15 g glucose syrup DE 60 40 g low water content butter 1 zest lemon… Continue reading

Element of Nature Praline by Richie Heppell

 TAYBERRY GANACHE 70g Butter 30g Glucose 275g Tayberry Puree 340g Cacao Barry Blanc Satin 32g Cacao Barry Mycryo Cocoa Butter Heat the puree with the glucose and boil. Pour over the chocolate and emulsify.… Continue reading

Alunga Bonbon by Martin Diez and Philippe Bertrand

Recipe for 200 bonbons Cacao Barry Ingredients Dark Chocolate Couverture Ocoa™ Milk Chocolate Couverture Alunga™ Cocoa powders Extra Brute Alunga Ganache Bring to boil 400 g cream – 100 g butter – 40 g glucose syrup – 10 g sorbitol… Continue reading

Chocolate and caramel mousse by Julie Sharp, Chocolate Academy UK

Cacao Barry Ingredients: Fillings & inclusion Pailleté Feuilletine™ Dark Chocolate Couverture Extra-Bitter Guayaquil Dark Chocolate Couverture Favorites Mi-Amère Home Cooking Lactée Supérieure Milk Chocolate Couverture Lactée Barry Origin Milk chocolate couverture Ghana Origin Milk chocolate couverture Papouasie Dark & white… Continue reading

Zéphyr™ Mango Dessert by Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry Ingredients Cacao Barry Dark & white chocolate Zéphyr™ Cacao Barry Cocoa butter Mycryo Cocoa Butter Mango and Nutmeg coulis 500 g mango pulp –  4 g ground nutmeg – 1 g xanthan gum Mix… Continue reading

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