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Lunar eclipse by Christophe Morel, Maître Chocolatier – Cacao Barry Ambassador Canada (Montréal)

Recipe for 45 bonbons Chocolate bonbons Heat: 185 g 35% cream 5 g dextrose 25 g sorbitol powder 15 g glucose syrup DE 60 40 g low water content butter 1 zest lemon… Continue reading

Alunga Bonbon by Martin Diez and Philippe Bertrand

Recipe for 200 bonbons Cacao Barry Ingredients Dark Chocolate Couverture Ocoa™ Milk Chocolate Couverture Alunga™ Cocoa powders Extra Brute Alunga Ganache Bring to boil 400 g cream – 100 g butter – 40 g glucose syrup – 10 g sorbitol… Continue reading

Fleur de Sel Elegant Bar by Philippe Bertrand and Martin Diez

CACAO BARRY INGREDIENTS Cacao Barry OcoaTM chocolate couverture 70% Cacao Barry Extra Brute Cocoa Powder METHOD Recipe for 5 Elegant Bar moulds reference MLD-090452-M00. CHOCOLATE SHELLS Fill the moulds with OcoaTM 70% dark… Continue reading

Soya-yuzu praline by Ramon Morató (presented at UK& Ireland WCM)

For all who have enjoyed it at UK & Ireland preselections for World Chocolate Masters organised by Cacao Barry as a sweet record and for all others (just) a sweet inspiration – the sublime praline… Continue reading


  Cacao Barry Ocoa® 70% mousse Whip  120 g egg yolks and 100 g eggs. Cook to 121’C  145 g S2 and 35 g H2O. Pour over the egg mixture and whisk. Whisk 500 g semi whipped… Continue reading

Inspired by nature

Cacao as the pure product of nature has always inspired great chefs to create delicious desserts. Have a look at this lovely movie and listen to the Cacao Barry expert Gino Vrancken, to the vision… Continue reading

Purity from Nature – the story of flavours through fermentation

The world is changing fast and taste is evolving along with it. Consumers demand authentic, intense flavours – true to nature or better: closer to nature than ever before. That is why chefs… Continue reading

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